Q & A on Current Events, July, 2018

July 14, 2018–

On the political wind in the United States of America:

The whole country is waiting on the mid-term elections. Will there be a momentous blue wave sweeping Democrats into office? This is unknown. Will the election be the President’s day for the Republican party? This is also unknown. We are all waiting on the November elections to see the current direction of the country. I think the election comes down to a strong economy, for the Republicans, vs. President Trump’s ongoing excesses and antics, for the Democrats. President Trump does not look good right now, but the country is humming along, doing great. What will the American people decide in this election to determine the Congress? This is unknown.

On President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh:

The confirmation process will be predictable. There will be some delay and hard questioning by Democrats, but ultimately, they will not be able to stop this nominee. He will be approved along party lines, before the elections in November. His appointment will mark another victory for the Republicans, and it will continue the trend toward a more conservative Supreme Court under President Trump. The long and short of it all? President Trump will have delivered again for his conservative political base.

On President Trump’s ongoing legal trouble:

Once again, this outcome depends on the mid-terms. A Republican Congress equals a safe President Trump. A Democratic Congress? President Trump will have serious legal trouble, possibly impeachment. In this light, the scandal appears political, aside from the separate issue of Russian interference in our elections, which can be handled separately. Both candidates in the 2016 presidential election had international connections. Now-president Trump made great hay as a candidate of Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation, and all of the funding, internationally, she openly received there from supporters and governments around the world. President Trump’s Russia ties are not to be blown out-of-proportion.
   What does this mean for the trial of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager? It means nothing. These people are not above the law, routine connections or otherwise. If he broke federal law, he will be found guilty. If not, then prosecutors should not waste our time. My feeling is that he will be found guilty, but we will not know that until the trial actually happens.

On the World Cup, Russia, 2018:

Viva la France!

–Nicholas Patti
Charlotte, NC


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